Frequently Asked Questions

What age can my child start in the Cylch?

Your child can start with us as soon as they turn 2 and half years of age.

Does my child need to speak Welsh to attend Cylch?

No. Your child does not need to speak welsh to attend our Cylch sessions.

Cylch Meithrin Y Felinheli is a Welsh-medium session that welcomes all children, regardless of the language spoken at home.

We believe that all children in Wales have the right to Welsh-medium Education. By attending our services and receiving our support your child can follow a smooth and confident journey to Welsh-medium education.

How many Cylch sessions do you offer?

We have 5 Cylch sessions a week. Monday- Friday 1.30-3.30

Can I claim funding for my child to attend Cylch?

All children in Wales are entitled to 10 hours education from the term after the child’s third birthday.

Is the Cylch run by Ysgol Y Felinheli?

No. The Cylch Meithrin is located on the school grounds but it is a registered charity run by the Cylch staff and Cylch Committee members.
Being so close to the school allows a smooth transition into school for your child/ren. 

You can contact Ysgol Y Felinheli on 01248 670748

What is the difference between Cylch, Meithrin Mwy and Wrap Around?

Cylch is available for children from age 2 years old- until they start part-time school.

Meithrin Mwy is a lunch club for those children who already attend the Nursery class in Ysgol Y Felinheli. These are daily session from 10.45-1pm.

Wrap Around is a session that follows on from Meithrin Mwy. 10.45-3.30 Limited availability

When can I register my child for Meithrin Mwy and Wrap Around?

These slots will be available April/Easter for the following academic year.
Wrap Around slots are not guaranteed as we try to make it fair for everyone to receive a space.

Can I donate to the Cylch?

Yes. As the Cylch is a Charity, any donation would be greatly appreciated. You can use Paypal to donate to us or click on the link on the left.

Does the Cylch carry out any fundraising events?

Yes. As the Cylch is a Charity we carry out various events/activities throughout the year to help raise money towards resources for the Cylch.
Would appreciate any support, help, ideas or suggestions you have with fundraising.

Please get in touch if you have any other questions